DeTech Incorporated Announces Massive Nationwide Expansion

DeTech Inc., has its world headquarters in Southeastern Wisconsin and until recently has focused on Midwest expansion.  The company now is changing that focus to the entire U.S. and soon to add Canada.  DeTech’s Vice President of Dealer Development, Bill Driscoll said, “We spent 5 years developing an easily duplicatable system for our Independent Dealers and the last 5 years proving that the systems really work and tweaking them to perfection.  We are now ready for massive expansion.  All we are missing now are the right people to operate the local offices.”

Recent studies show that 85% of people are discontented with their current job and seriously think of quitting their job at least twice per year.  That same study showed that almost all of these people have thought of owning their own business at some point, but never pursued it because they believed there would be prohibitive start-up costs or did not know what steps to take to get started.   Everybody talks a lot about wanting to be their own boss, to call their own shots, and to do something big, exciting and important, but for most people, it’s just talk. They actually lack the vision to see opportunity, the confidence to grasp it.

DeTech has developed an Independent Dealer-based system, much like your local car dealer.  Each office is independently owned and operated, giving the owner all the freedoms of their own business, but with the relative security of a corporate partner to show the way.  DeTech has developed all of the tools and systems needed, then added an impressive money-back guarantee and very low start-up costs.  There are NO franchise fees or royalties either…it really is YOUR business.

A DeTech Dealer would be the local sales agent for high-quality fire protection systems and community educational programs.  The unique marketing program is based on a direct sales model. But this is a real business.  This is NOT multi-level. This is NOT the next get-rich quick business or a fad.  If you want to make a million dollars sitting at home in your underwear …keep looking!  That is not what this is about!

Fortune magazine recently said Direct Sales is the best way to market and grow a business fast with little investment.  They said it was the best choice for a true entrepreneur without investing a fortune.  It does take hard work and self-motivation though…are you the type that that scares or excites?

If you want to know more, all of the details are provided in a FREE REPORT: “New Opportunities In A Little-Known, Highly Rewarding Business.”  It will educate you about the details of this business and describe the qualifications required.  To request your copy of this information, sent to you confidentially, you can simply call DeTech’s special recorded message anytime, 24 / 7 at 888-681-0181 or get it now at .